HW Unlocker is One Of Worldwide software solution Service for Huawei Device

  • Support all Huawei Android Hisilicon based phones
  • Support Read general information, Eg, VID/PID/ChipID/Verdor etc
  • Support Finder Direct Unlock in normal mode
  • Support ID Account Active Required Mode Direct Unlock
  • Support Simlock Check & unlock
  • Support Fastboot Check & Direct unlock & Relock
  • Support Root Check & Direct unlock & Relock
  • Support one button do Factory Reset
  • Support one button do Customer Reset


System Requirements

    • All Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10



    • This tool is only for personal study and research purposes, please do not used for commercial purposes, do not do anything illegal things, otherwise you need take all responsibility.

Create & Active account

Register an account

① First you must Register an account on official website with valid Email.

Once you done, you will got this message:

You have successfully registered. Please check your email for further information!

Verify your account

② Verify your account withToken code (This code will be received by email)

A. Go to your email inbox. you will got this :

B. Input your registered email and the Token code to activate your account:

Login to website

③ Once your account activated, then you can go to login page access to site.

If you lost your passcode you can using "Lost passcode" function to find the passcode back. The related code will be send to you by register email

Activation Membership & Renew

Now go to User Dashboard and at Manager Membership tab , Choose related Packages and Press "Activating Now" button to active or "Renew New" to upgrade Membership.

We have Trial、Monthly、Quarterly、Yearly Account, Only the account still Valid then can login into software , otherwise you can not.

Download & Install

Download software

Go to download page to get software and install it. [ Due customer computer have different antivirus software, You may close before then install and add that into trust list. ]

Install software

① When you finish downloaded the sfotware from download page , Now start to install it. The installing will be automatic finish once get your confirm during in procedure.

Install software

② The software will installing to C:/HWUNLOCKER, you can change the path to D:/HWUNLOCKER etc. but the folder path must be like this (C:/HWUNLOCKER or D:/HWUNLOCKER) otherwise maybe not work.

③ During installing the drivers will be automatic installed. just press "next" button let it automatic finish.

④ Software install Done.


Got mfc120.dll ,mfc120u.dll and libusb0.dll error ?

Install vcredist_x86 or vcredist_x64 for windows from MicrosoftRedistributables directory (Win 7 Need install Both)

We encourage all customers always to upgrade the spftware to the latest version , When the new version released on official website , the old version will be expired after few days. Once software expired you can not use that anymore.


Login Informations:

This using same access details which you registed on

If you changed passcode on, Software will be recognizes the new passcode after 5 mins

Access authority will be requiring you again after 24hs .

What we need pay attention for HW Unlocker Software:

A. I had register an account on but can not login ?

1.Be sure your internet already connected.

2.Be sure you already activated your membership on

3.Be sure you are using the latest software version (Once new version released old version will be expired in few days)

4.Due some reason, your account got blocked. Contact our team unblock that by email (


B. Can i try the software without pay for membership ?

Yes, sure you can. we have trial account that's for 3 days basic membership, so once you active this membership, you can try to using our software for 3 days, but after 3 days the account will be expired. then you can not use that any more until you renew your account.

C. i forget my login password ?

if you forget your password, you need go to Lost Password page reset your passcode by Username and Email Address.

D. Where to change my password ?

if you want to change your password, you need go to Manage Profile page to do this. After password changed , you have to waiting 5 mins than can login into HW Software.

E. My account expired but i still have credits ?

There is only one way that's need renew your account at Manager Membership page then you can continue to use the credits.

Important: Please don't share your account to others, that's will case account block or lost credits etc .


How is working ?

Input code on your Device with *#*#2846579#*#*.

Choose Project Menu -> Background settings -> USB ports settings -> Manufacture mode.

History :

Here will show you connecting and connected Device. Double click on each line to see more information.

Here will automatic detecting Device information once you connect Device by original USB cable.

Connecting Device line will be showing in green color.

Date :

Device connection date.


Device model name.

Version :

Device detected Version.


Device IMEI / SN. data


Device UDID & ECID data

Jailbreak :

No information yet.

Mode :

Shown the status after Device detecting with HW Unlocker.

Progress :

Shown the status % during Device operation by software.

Status :

Here are the status messages displaying. same as

Backup History:

Backup the connected device history information (history.plist).

Load History:

Load the connected device history information (history.plist).

Clear History:

Empty the connected device history information (history.plist).


Here is your remaining credits information.

Click this button will show related consumption record information.


Here you can recharge credits using recharging code.

The recharge code you can buy from official site or from reseller.


This function for init the device once you connect that by usb data cable

Once the Device detected, above will show up the related informations.


This function still in beta

Function use to stop current operations.

Progress bar:

Device working progress bar.

Quit Function:

Exit & Close software.

Working Status:

here are the status messages displayed for current working procedure !

Tab history date device version imei/meid udid jailbreak mode progress status backup load clear credits add refresh stop bar quit status
About HW unlocker history tab functions:

A. How to connect iDevice to get info ?

1, First have to input your active membership account and login into software.

2, Connect Device to computer by original USB cable.

3, On Device input code " *#*#2846579#*#* ", and Choose Project Menu -> Background settings -> USB ports settings -> Manufacture mode.

4, Press "Refresh" button to detecting connected device.

5, Once done will show device info with green color in history windows.

B. Support Version & Device status ?

Support to readout general information for all Huawei Android Hisilicon based phones Device.

C. The history will saving on Server ?

No, Did not save any Device information on Server, So your Personal information will not leak. the history saved at installed folder by history.plist file(you can press "Clear history" to delete this, the operation can not reverse the data).

D. Why i did not see "info" tab ?

If did not connect any Device, other tabs will not show up.

E. What's the Credits used for and why need buy credits ?

The credits using for some authorize by hw unlocker server; Those functions are not free if you want to use.

G. Where to got credits "Recharge Key" once bought online from ?

The credits recharge key will be availably at your User Dashboard in 12 hours . and you need charge into your account by yourself using hw unlocker software.

H. Credits Cost list ?

The cost list you can find At here.


What can do here ?

To working with your Device related functions.

History :

Here will show you connecting and connected Device information.

Detected info :

Device detected information.

To Do Lists :

Please check the details in next page.

Tab history info to do list
About Hw unlocker function for the Device:

A. Different color represents meaning ?

1. Green - Connecting iDevice.

2. Blue - Selected iDevice.

3. Red - Operation error.

4. Yellow - Operation finished.

5. Other without color - History record.

B. Why software did not show IMEI ?

Due device with different mode so you have to press "Read Info" then will show IMEI.

C. How to operation with Job function ?

1. Connect Device to computer by original USB cable.

2. Press "Refresh" button to detecting connected device, And choose the device.

3. At "Info" tab find related function in the job list.

4. Double Click the choosed function and following the prompts.

5. Waiting the procedure finish.

PS. Some function will cost credits, but will let you know before you confirm, if the operation failed or something happened like phone battery finish during procedure etc, the credits will be automatic back to your acount after few minutes .

D. Job list ? ( With " C " Required Credits )

1. Read info - Read Device related information.

2. Authorize " C " - To authorize Device by hw unlocker server.

3. Finder OFF " C " - To unlock/remove account ID.

4. Simlock Check - To check the simlock status.

5. FBlock Check - To check the Fastboot status.

6. FBlock OFF " C " - One button unlock Fastboot.

7. FBlock ON " C " - One button lock Fastboot.

8. Root Check - Read Device Root status.

9. Root ON " C " - One button lock Root.

10. Root OFF " C " - One button unlock Root.

11. Factory Reset - One button do Factory Reset.

12. Customer Reset - One button do Customer Reset.

PS. After you press "AUTHORIZE" button you can do all other functions without cost, means just cost one time credits. But if you did not press "AUTHORIZE" button, Each function which you try to use will cost different credits. .

Help links ?

1. Official Website -

2. English Forum -

3. Chinese Forum -

4. Software Download -

Email support ?

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